Recruitment Agents Insurance

Comprehensive Recruitment Insurance cover with a single policy

Recruitment Agencies have a number of different business risks, ranging from vicarious liability to non-standard contracts. All the potential pitfalls associated with placing candidates can be covered by specialist recruitment insurance arranged by Servca, with the backing of speciality insurers who have deep knowledge and expertise in Recruitment Agencies.

What is Recruitment Agency Insurance?

Recruitment Agency Insurance combines all the cover you need into a single policy.

Vicarious liability is included as standard in our Recruitment Insurance policy, complete with professional indemnity; Employers’ and Public Liability; and Cyber and Privacy Liability. Optional covers include Drivers’ Negligence cover – should your agency require this.

Under the Recruitment Agency insurance programme, all type of worker is covered, ranging from PAYE staff, limited company contractors and staff on zero hour contracts.

How does Recruitment Insurance Protect your Agency?

  • Professional Indemnity – covers negligence claims against your agency, including misrepresentation of candidates or poor performance of placed personnel
  • Vicarious Liability – extends your professional indemnity cover to include temporary workers’ negligence
  • Employers’ Liability – covers claims resulting from an illness or injury suffered by an agency member of staff or a temporary worker placed by your agency.
  • Public Liability – your cover includes claims for property damage or bodily injury caused by a temporary worker.
  • Cyber Liability – covers your costs to retrieve, restore or replace data after a cyber attack, along with any financial losses as a result of business interruption; you’re also protected against third party claims for financial losses or the loss or theft of data.
  • Privacy Liability – covers claims for a breach of individual privacy rights or confidentiality, along with the costs incurred as a result of a service provider error, say for information stored in the cloud
  • Drivers’ Negligence – covers accidental damage to a client’s vehicle caused by an agency-supplied driver

Why you should consider Recruitment Indemnity Insurance?

Recruitment agencies are now more likely to be deemed the employer of a temporary worker. This increases your exposure to vicarious liability claims.

The threat of data breach is higher than ever, with hackers holding a company to ransom if they gain access to their personal data.

If a temporary worker’s contract terms are regarded as non-standard, any claims arising from the work they do could be declined unless the insurer has agreed to cover them.

Your agency also holds and processes a lot of confidential data – so it’s essential to have full cover for cyber liability and privacy liability in case there’s a security breach, covering first and third party loss.

Don’t leave a claim down to chance – Get the right cover now and protect your business today.


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