Urologists Insurance & Indemnity

Indemnity Insurance for Urologists

Working as an Urologist can be a risky role – You are working within a sensitive area of medicine, dealing directly with sensitive parts of the body. There is no margin for when treating your patient’s vital organs.

Working within the private sector you may already be familiar with the large number of risk exposures you face in your day to day life. In the event, you will be expected to legally cover all costs and compensation awarded to the claimant, even if your treatment did not result in the Medical Negligence being claimed.

In respect of these liabilities, claims can be extremely expensive to defend against, costing even more if you are found legally liable in the event of a claim.

Urologists Indemnity Insurance will protect you against losses at its base coverage – insuring you in respect of compensation and cost awards made against you and defence costs of any claim.

Why you should choose Private Urology Insurance over Medical Defence Union Cover

The difference between choosing Medical Defence Union Cover and Private Urology Insurance can be for some, life altering.

MDU’s offer discretionary insurance only, but what does that mean? This means if a claim is made against you, the MDU you have signed up to, will internally review you claim. Afterwards, the will decide if they actually want to indemnify you claim or not. If they decline your case, you will be expected to pay in full against any claim made against you, regardless of you MDU membership fee. This is because MDU insurance agreements are not legally bound contracts.

However, private insurance programs arranged by Servca are based on Contract of Insurance, which is a legally binding contract. This means we will pay in the event of a claim should you be covered by our Urologists Indemnity Insurance Policy.

We offer ‘A’ Rated secure policies, featuring various cover options and extensions such as:

  • Legal Representation
  • Regulatory Hearings
  • Employment Support
  • Optional Run-Off Extensions
  • All the benefits of our Medical Union – ServCare