Medico Legal Insurance

Medico Legal Insurance – Protecting you against Negligent Claims

As a medical professional working within the private Medico-Legal sector, you are exposed to the possibility of legal action being [MS1]taken against you in respect of your legal responsibility for witness report writing and any negligence through human error when reviewing medical records and compiling legally binding medical reports to be used in court. 

Unlike mainstream medico-legal professional indemnity policies, Servca’s bespoke Medico-Legal Indemnity programme caters for individual medical professionals, groups and associations who are seeking specialist professional indemnity cover, complete with malpractice, bodily harm and coverage for all administrative support staff offering a truly blended and cost effective solution.

Medico-Legal report writing is a popular method of supplementing incomes for medical professions in their private work given the flexibility.  However, when things go wrong – the financial implications are enormous – thus the requirement of a specialist medico legal policy is essential, covering all exposures ranging from;

  • Medical malpractice/bodily harm (during physical examination)
  • Missed court deadlines
  • Misinterpreting medical records
  • Human or Technological Error (By you or your support staff)
  • Misdiagnosis (Leading to huge financial and legal implications)

Our Complementary Service

As specialists in medical indemnity and healthcare liability insurance , we design and implement industry leading indemnity insurance, designed for doctors by doctors – offering a holistic approach to risk management by offering a competitive insurance solution to meet your requirements. 

As a complimentary service for our medical professionals, we work with a number of specialist Medico-Legal report writing agencies that are able to support you in seeking new instructions from insurance companies and private companies in their requirements of Medico-Legal reports.  

What is Medico Legal Reporting?

Medico legal work is examining of patients and or medical records in order to legally binding medico-legal reports, which are prepared in the context of actual or potential civil litigation (acting as an expert).

We work with industry leaders to provide courses throughout the UK where you receive qualifications in how to complete medico legal work.  Contact us and see how we can help with our introductory offers.

Who is it for?

Any qualified healthcare professional carrying out activities as a Medico-Legal Expert Witness, being self-employed, a company, partnership or group. 

Group indemnity schemes are available upon request, where each expert’s name is listed on the schedule of insurance.

What is a Medico Legal Expert Witness?

A medical expert witness provides a medical opinion on the medical facts of a case presented to them. A medical expert witness assists a court, tribunal or committee by providing an impartial and unbiased medical opinion after careful consideration and review of medical records and the patient(s) in question.

The relevant Medical Expert Witness should be experienced within his/her speciality of medicine and able to represent themselves in court, should they be required to stand as a witness.

Medico Legal Insurance – What does the policy cover?

  • Professional Indemnity extension to PA/secretary
  • Breach of Professional Confidentiality
  • Libel & Slander
  • Inquests Costs
  • Worldwide Jurisdiction
  • Abuse Coverage/Sexual Misconduct

What are the duties of a Medical Expert Witness?

A Medical Expert Witness is expected to:

  • Be impartial.
  • Confine Statements to areas of speciality and relevant knowledge.
  • Declare any conflicts of interest.
  • Adhere to strict confidentiality (other than to parties involved in proceedings).
  • Be clear and concise in the opinions that have been formed.

Duties can involve:

  • A clinical examination of a patient.
  • Writing a report based on evidence provided and possible examination of patient.
  • Literature searches & support.
  • Discussions with instructing parties, solicitors or court.
  • Attend Court.
  • Giving evidence based on your report.


The Types of Clinical or Private Medical Reports

Other forms of medical reports include:

  • Legal Proceeding to advance patient care – Child protection reports, Mental Health Act recommendations, Mental capacity assessment
  • To advance Public Good – Notifications of infectious disease, adverse drug reactions, death and cremation certificates, evidence of injuries for criminal proceedings.
  • Illness as an excusing Factor – Certificates relating to short/long term incapacity to work, countersign for claims for holiday insurance, letters and reports for academic mitigation, letters and support for absence from court, letters and support for absence from jury service.
  • Illness as grounds for entitlement – Exemptions for paying medical and maternity prescriptions, Housing letters, Social security letters, Forms for disabled parking badges, war pensions, Holiday insurance cancelations, Accounts for medical events for civil proceedings.
  • Fitness to engage in profession – Health professions council, PCV & LGV licenses, taxi Driver, summer camp, Actuarial Calculations.
  • Life Assurance – Sickness Insurance