Medical Students

Protecting the Future of Medical Healthcare

As a Medical and Healthcare indemnity insurance specialist, we pride ourselves on being able to offer indemnity cover to a wide range of Medical Professionals.

We understand that as Medical Students and Registrars you will be under a lot pressure to pass your examinations and become a Qualified Practitioner. You may be working within a specialised medical sector to ensure your knowledge is well rounded and participate in Medical Procedures you are studying.  This potentially leaves you exposed to Medical Negligence claims, even if you are a Medical Student and working under Supervision and cover of central hospitals. 

These are claims that you will be expected to pay out in full for if made against you. It’s through Medical Indemnity that you can protect yourself from these large financial costs that have the potential to end your career before it’s even begun.

How can Servca Protect You?

Our bespoke policies can offer you a variety of coverage options and policy extensions including:

  • Limit of Indemnity up to £50-Million (or currency equivalent) for Medical Students
  • Full Cover of Training Abroad or Voluntary Work Abroad
  • Advice on Employment Grievance Procedures
  • Regulatory Hearings
  • Representation in Employer Disciplinary and Capability Process
  • Networking Opportunities at key private and public sector events to meet like-minded peers

Covering You before and after

As a Medical Trainee graduating, you emerge as a fully qualified practitioner ready to work within any private or public sector.  With this, comes a great exposure to Medical Negligence Claims, especially being fresh from your training.

Whether you have, or haven’t, contracted an indemnity policy with us during your Medical Training period, we are more than capable of upgrading or providing you a policy covering all the new exposures you will be liable to as fresh graduate - protecting you not just through the start of your medical career, but throughout – including our specialise ‘union’ style coverage under ServCare.