Bespoke Group Indemnity Policies for Medical Entities, Practices and Organisations

Group Medical Indemnity provides protection for the professional activities of larger groups of doctors, healthcare and medical practitioners.

Group Coverage work by indemnifying a named entity (e.g. a hospital, association or company), and extending coverage to individuals that work on behalf of the named entity.  This is often a cost-effective method of arranging insurance for the entity and all support staff and medical professionals that work within the entity.

For any claims that arise, it is the entity’s policy that responds to protect the medical professional that is involved in the claim, thus offering protection in ensuring business continuity, even after a claim.  

As an independent Broker at Lloyd’s, we specialise in the placement of group medical indemnity insurance in the UK and globally for hundreds of clinics, private hospitals, healthcare entities, GP surgeries and groups each year.  We are operated by doctors, for doctors, therefore understand the technical insurance requirements you may have and how we can best add value.

As a specialist in Group Medical Indemnity, we actively work with stakeholders, investors and board of directors in carrying out an independent insurance review to ensure the entity has the correct level of cover and has no 'gaps' in cover.  This best protects shareholders, stakeholders and any interested parties of the healthcare entity in the event of a claim, or regulatory audit.  

Who do Servca Cover?

We will provide coverage to a wide range of Medical Entities and Practices. Our coverage options and bespoke policies are available to organisations such as:

  • Medical Groups
  • Medical & Healthcare Entities
  • Private Practices
  • GP Practices
  • General Medical Clinics and Specialist Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • SMEs
  • Telemedicine Companies
  • Corporate Entities
  • Medical Associations

We're Here to Help if You...

  • Are an investor, stakeholder or represent a group, hospital/clinic, association, or entity that require medical indemnity insurance.
  • Need a bespoke policy that is tailored to your organisation.
  • Are unsure about the exposures and vulnerabilities that your entity faces and you want to learn more.
  • Are setting up a new entity and require expert advice on your exposures and vulnerabilities.
  • Have had a previous claim that has resulted in a large increase of policy premium.
  • Want a cost-effective solution to offer affordable indemnity for the Medical professionals that work on behalf of your organisation.
  • Want reliable and fast representation and advice.
  • Require other types and levels of insurance coverage to complement the Medical Indemnity coverage.
  • Want a reputable Lloyd’s of London policy to help encourage investment into your organisation.
  • Require a contract certain policy and not a discretionary membership service.

Our Objectives in Helping You

  • Ensure that your entity and all the medical professionals working on behalf of it are carefully protected.
  • Provide you with the peace of mind that is essential in running any type of organisation.
  • Receive specialist claims and defence representation if you require it.
  • Ensure your financial stability.
  • Identify and remove any exposures and vulnerabilities that your entity is facing.
  • Help you grow and mature as an organisation.
  • Always be flexible in allowing and incorporating protection for any new opportunities and ventures.
  • By your side, through the good times and the bad.
  • As an investor, your investment is protected by having adequate levels of cover in the event of a claim or regulatory audit.

What We Will Do For You

  • Tailored polices direct from Lloyd’s of London that include:
  • Medical Indemnity coverage (with flexible limits up to £50m)
  • Public Liability Coverage
  • Run-Off Cover/Extended reporting coverage*
  • Inclusive libel & slander cover
  • Inclusive reputational damage cover
  • Regulatory/Review board committee defences/representation (GMC)
  • Data Protection coverage
  • Advice & Consultations
  • International coverage
  • Access to ServCare Union which includes:
  • Employment Defence
  • Full regulatory Defence
  • Regulatory guidance and support