Locum Medical Indemnity (Individuals)

Why do Medical Locums need Medical Indemnity Insurance?

The Medical Locum Industry has rapidly expanded within the UK over the last 10 years. Today over 50% of the UK’s medical professional workforce have carried out locum work within a NHS or private practice setting*.

Who we provide indemnity for

With the nature of medical locum evolving, with constant workplace and patient changes, as a locum you are naturally more ‘exposed’ to far greater levels of risk.  Our Medical Indemnity Insurance solution for locums is designed to cover you from Medical negligence claims, complaints and regulatory disputes, covering you at all times no matter where in the UK you are working, complete with legal and representation fees from our specialist law firms.

Your need for Locum Indemnity Insurance is dependent on who you are carrying out medical locum work for. If you are working as a locum for a NHS trust then your indemnity will be provided under the Crown Indemnity Scheme.

NHS and Private Work - Where to get your insurancen

However, if you are working as a locum for a private healthcare clinic or hospital, you will be responsible for arranging adequate and appropriate insurance for any work you carry out on behalf of that organisation. This is sometimes purchased through traditional Medical Defence Organisations at a significant cost, with limitations (number of hours you can work, Out of hours limitations).

What is covered by Locum Indemnity Insurance?

“We create bespoke contracted defence insurance that protects you for any Private Practice, Locum Work and Out of Hours Work (including Medico Legal & Administrative Cover) – offering you complete piece of mind with a single monthly premium”.

Our medical locum coverage can provide the following:

  • Indemnity up to £50m for individuals or whole practices
  • Global Coverage (Including USA)
  • Employment T&Cs of Service
  • Advice on Employment Grievance Procedures
  • Employment Advice and Representation in the employer disciplinary and capability process
  • GMC Hearings
  • Tribunal Support
  • Professional Disciplinary Defence
  • Defence against patient complaints
  • Representation for trainees in ARCP appeals and in
  • Legal advice & Representative with ServCare Medical Union
  • Run Off & Extended Reporting Periods up to 20 years


* Figures from Keynote Research UK National Health Service Outsourcing 2017