Dermatologist Insurance & Indemnity

Dermatologist Insurance – Protecting You from Legal Action

Whether you are a Dermatologist practicing in your own private Practice, or within a Group Practice, you’ll understand the kind of risks that come attached to a Medical Professional.

Regardless how good your services are, the threat of legal action being taken against you is always present. As a Specialist Doctor, your intention is to always help your patients – unfortunately if your patient feels your treatment is responsible for any negative side effects that may follow, you are likely to receive a Medical Negligence Claim.

Dermatology is a very sensitive area of medicine. When dealing with skin conditions, from eczema to acne, there is no room for error.

With that in mind, we decided to create a Special Dermatologists Indemnity Insurance Program. This caters to professionals who are looking to move away from traditional Medical Union insurance providers. Instead, we cover a range of professionals within the specialist sectors, including those who may have previously been subject to claims made against them. 

Protecting Yourself against Medical Negligence Claims

As any Dermatologist knows, claims made against you in respect to you liabilities can be incredibly expensive if you have been poorly covered.

Should you be found legally liable you are personally responsible to cover any costs such as legal fees, to compensation awarded to the claimants.

In the event of this, a professional Medical Indemnity policy would cover these costs for you. 

Cover Yourself with our Special Dermatologist Insurance

The final sum of any Medical Negligence Claim can be extremely costly and without adequate Insurance cover, it could result in a life changing decision such as the end your career as a Dermatologist.

Servca specialise in working with Medical Professionals such as yourself. We help protect individuals such as yourself again these high cost compensation claims, alongside the cost of defence claims should you need it. 

Private Insurance Vs Medical Defence Unions

While many choose Medical Defence Unions as a source of protection, privately arranged Indemnity Insurance has proven to be a far more recommended. This is because Private Insurance offers more cover options as well as a contract of insurance at a competitive premium.

Medical Defence Unions (MDUs) do not offer complete absolute protection. With Defence Union Memberships, it is important to remember that their Indemnity Insurance is Discretionary. This means that when a claim is brought against you, the union has the opportunity to review the claim internally.

After reviewing your claim, the MDU will decide if they would like to cover you for the claim and it’s legal costs. If they decide not you, YOU are personally responsible to cover those costs. There have also been concerns on increased membership fees, regardless of if they cover you or not. 

Bespoke Coverage Designed with the Dermatologist in Mind 

At Servca, you can rest assured that your Dermatologist Insurance is a legally binding contract – If you received a claim, we will cover it no matter what.

Not only are our Indemnity Policies backed with an ‘A’ Rating in security but they also offer optional Run Off and Extended Reporting (along with other extensions). Allowing you to continue to practice the medicine you have trained to do with peace of mind should a lawsuit arise from Medical Negligence.