Dental Indemnity Insurance

Our Medical Indemnity Policy

As a specialist healthcare and dental defence organisation, we offer bespoke indemnity solutions for individual dentists, groups of dentists and dental practices throughout the UK and Europe.

Types of Dental Indemnity we offer

Whether you are a General Dental Practitioner (GDP) or a Specialist Cosmetic Dental Practice, we create bespoke indemnity cover to ensure we have you protected in the unfortunate event of a claim, or complaint, made by a patient. All of our policy and underwriting security is known to the General Dental Council (GDC), thus we offer an alternative to discretional dental unions.

We help a variety of professions within the Dental sector including (but not limited to):

  • Dental Practices / Clinics
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Nurse
  • Dental Surgeon
  • Dental Protection
  • Dental Technician
  • Dental Therapists
  • Dental Students
  • Dental Cosmetics and Aesthetics


What is Dental Indemnity Insurance?

Dental Indemnity Insurance provides Dental Defence Coverage for Professional Negligence Claims, or notifications received against a Dental Practitioner whilst carrying out their professional duties.

If a patient is seeking compensation for personal injury or illness as a result of the care you have provided, a dental defence insurance policy will provide cover for defence costs, and any compensation awards up to the limit of indemnity.

Do I need Professional Indemnity If I Operate a Dental Practice?

Most Dental Practioners carry their own individual defence insurance, often through defence unions, which is a discretionary policy. This means that in the event of a claim, it is the sole discretion of the union whether they wish to cover your claim and legal representation fees. As a specialist risk manager in the healthcare sector, we are an independent, owner-managed organisation, working in your best interest.

After all, you are our client and therefore we work around your requirements to create a bespoke contract of insurance indemnity solution, backed by ‘A’ rated insurance companies, complete with legal and employment representation and advice helplines.

Can I extend my coverage to my Dental Staff?


We always recommend to have all dentists and support staff under a single policy, as it can be far more cost effective and easier to manage. The coverage also covers bodily harm and malpractice insurance to all dental practitioners, dental nurses and administrative staff, giving you complete peace of mind.

In scenarios where a dental insurance policy or union membership fails to respond to a claim, the practice (or partners) could find itself depending on a significant compensation claim and legal fees from its own pocket.

Dental Indemnity Cover Benefits

Every dental policy is always specifically designed to cater to your unique professional needs. Here are some of the key highlights of out Dentist Defence Indemnity Cover:

Dental Service Benefits Servca Provide
  • Bespoke policies designed for Dentists who have been declined cover by traditional Dental Defence Unions (DDU, MDDUS and/or DDPU) due to previous claims or disciplinary actions
  • Limits of Indemnity ranging between £500K - £50 Million
  • Coverage from Dental Nurses and Dental Medical Students
  • Self Employed Dental Practitioners / Practices Fully Covered (Extending to all Dentists, Nurses and Support Staff working at the practice)
  • Policies Designed Specifically To Your Needs
  • Specialist Inclusions in our Policies to ensure complete coverage
  • Access to a Comprehensive Dental Union membership with ServCare Medical Union – Offering a dedicated support system to dentists surrounding issues such as employment, regulatory, claims and complaints.
  • All policies are approved for GDC Registration and Revalidation
  • Policies provided by ‘A’ Rated Insurers – Backed by the Lloyd’s of London Markets
  • Coverage and Legal Representation for Regulatory, Compliance and Employment Claims or Complaints
  • Policies include Defence Costs, Libel & Slander and Breach of Professional Confidentiality
Dental Indemnity