Cosmetic Insurance

Cosmetic Indemnity Insurance – Why Do You Need Insurance Protection?

As a specialist Healthcare and Medical Indemnity Broker, we work with a wide range of Healthcare Professionals, arranging quality bespoke Indemnity Insurance based on their specific requirements.

Since 2015 Cosmetic Surgery has grown by 5% year on year, with reported £600M in 2017 for Cosmetic Surgeries performed in the UK. *

The rapid growth of industry has opened up ample opportunities for Healthcare Professionals and individuals with relevant qualifications to tap into the lucrative Cosmetic Surgery market.

With increased supply and increase demand, comes an influx of potentiality for a claim to arise. If a patient believes your cosmetic work to have caused emotional or physical damage, they will file a claim against you, true or not.

Cosmetic Indemnity Insurance is designed to protect you against still – providing you with the coverage you need to keep on working throughout your career.

What type of Insurance do Cosmetic Practitioners need?

Cosmetic Practitioners require Specialist Insurance to cover all aspect of Medical Malpractice, in the event the procedure did not go according to plan, or the patient had an adverse reaction.

This specialist insurance is often provided by private insurers on a Claims Made Basis.

Our Bespoke Cosmetic Insurance is designed to protect you for any cosmetic works that you carry out at your clinic or designated work space.

Who do Servca cover?

We actively work with the below entities in arranging bespoke insurance programmes, offering ‘best in class’ international coverage, including USA cover options. 

  • Cosmetic Practitioners (Individual, Group or Partnership) – we have the most cost effective solution for your requirements.
  • Cosmetic Surgeons – From basic surgical procedures to full reconstructive surgery, we specialise in arrange bespoke insurance solutions for world-renown surgeons, either as individuals or as groups and private practices
  • Clinic & Surgery Insurance - We understand the challenges in running a busy healthcare business.  Our specialist cover options for Clinic & Surgery insurance allows you to customise the level of cover you need, subject to the size of your practice.  Click here to receive an instant quote indication.
  • Product Suppliers - As the Cosmetics industry grows, as do the requirement of product suppliers and innovations.  We work with a host of international product designers, suppliers and manufacturers in establishing bespoke insurance solutions covering all Products and Public Liability, including Product Recall and reputational damage.


Why do Locums need Medical Indemnity?

The Medical Locum Industry in the UK has rapidly expanded over the last 10 years. 50% of the UK’s Medical Professional workforce has now carried out Locum work either within a NHS setting or within a Private Practice. *

So do Medical Locums need Medical Indemnity?

Yes, as Medical Indemnity is a legal requirement to practice within the UK. However, where you receive your indemnity is dependent on where you are carrying out Locum work.

If you are working as a Medical locum for an NHS Trust Indemnity is automatically provided by the Crown Indemnity Scheme. However, if you are working as a Medical Locum for a Private Healthcare Provider, you will be responsible for arranging your own adequate and appropriate cover.

Bespoke coverage made to fit your requirements 

At Servca, we create quality contracted defence insurance to cover you for any Locum and Cosmetic ‘Out of Hours’ work, including Medico Legal Cover – Offering you complete piece of mind with a single monthly premium:

  • Limit of Indemnity up to £50-Million for Individuals or Whole Practices
  • Policy Includes Global Coverage including USA
  • Employment T&Cs of Service
  • Advice on any Employment Grievance Procedures
  • Employment Advice and Representation in the Employer Disciplinary and Capability Process
  • GMC Hearings
  • Tribunal Support
  • Professional Disciplinary Defence
  • Defence against Patient Complaints
  • Representation for Trainees in ARCP appeals
  • Legal Advice and Representation with our Medical Union – ServCare
  • Run Off and Extended Reporting Periods up to 20 Years

*Figures from Keynote Research UK National Health Service Outsourcing 2017