Cardiologist Indemnity Insurance

Specialist Coverage for Cardiologists within Private Practice 

Are you a cardiologist working within a private practice?

Then you’ll know only too well how exposed you are to receiving possible legal action. The threat of legal action is ever present and it’s your sole legal responsibility to ensure you are fully protected should any personal injury arise throughout the course of your treatment.

The likelihood of a claim happening at some point throughout your career is high. Lawsuits filed against poorly protected Cardiologists can be career ending and life changing.

Having the correct protection – A tailored Medical Indemnity policy however, prevents any such risk against your career and lifestyle.

Protecting Cardiologists from the worst

At Servca we provide a bespoke Cardiologist Insurance Programme that caters for professionals looking to move away from mainstream unions.

We also cater for Cardiologists who may have had previous claims, whilst providing the right protection for your specific medical role.

How Can We Help You?  

Our cardiologist insurance helps you by covering and providing:

  • Financial Losses – We will cover you for any losses by providing you with insurance in respect of compensation, as well as costs awarded to the claimants.
  • Legal Defence Costs – We will cover legal defence fees against claims or potential claims made against you.
  • Specialist Defence Helpline – A helpline you can access and receive professional advice from the offset.

Cardiologist Indemnity Insurance with a Difference

While there is of course the option of a union based membership, the cover you receive is discretionary at best.

What does this mean? 

Well, in the event of a claim, the union you’re a member of will review the claim individually. Upon reviewing the claim, they’ll then decide whether or not they’ll cover you. This means that you don’t actually have definitive cover.

It’s also worth noting that whether or not they choose to cover you, your membership fees will increase dramatically the following year anyway. 

This means that despite a rather uncertain protection, you still end up paying (in some cases extortionate amounts) for the cover you may or may not receive – and then some.

At Servca, you can rest assured that you’re backed by a legally binding contract with an ‘A’ rating security and highly flexible excesses, often starting at no excess.

Benefits of working with Servca

High Quality Cover and Service We develop bespoke insurance solutions for our clients that are cost-effective and offer cover to protect our clients' interests, backed by 'A' rated insurers.

Contract-Certain Cover Unlike other providers, a policy from us will always protect you from negligence, covering you for any claim made during the active time of coverage, giving you complete piece of mind and security.

Market Comparisons We speak to all possible medical malpractice insurers and arrange a variety of quotes for you to consider so that you have different options to choose from.

Bound by FCA regulations and Treating the Client Fairly Everything we advise, do and commit to is regulated by the FCA and we obliged to always look out for the best interests of our clients.

No Excess In the vast majority of cases, you will have no excess to pay in the event of a claim.

Specialist Medical Indemnity Broker As pioneers in the healthcare liability insurance sector, we offer all our valued clients unrivalled advice and access to the world's largest insurance market (Lloyd's of London). Our Managing Director is a Medical Professional, so we fully understand your needs and tailor policies to suit you.