Anaesthetists Insurance

Why do you need Medical Indemnity Insurance for Anaesthetists?

As a specialist insurance intermediary, we understand the various severe exposures that can come with being a Medical Profession in a specialist sector.

As an Anaesthetist, you are solely responsible for not only regulating a patient’s medication during surgery, but bringing your patient in and out of an awake state during these surgical procedures. Being in charge of a patient intensive care and pain management is no small task and unfortunately it comes with a tremendous amount of exposure to Medical Negligence Claims due to its sensitive nature.

If any Medical errors occur connected to your direct pain management; a lack of appropriate intensive care; incorrect amounts of medication or the incorrect medication, you can find yourself facing a claim with a hefty financial sum, one that could leave you unable to continue your career as an Anaesthetist.  

Insuring You with Quality Coverage – Including No Gaps in Cover

In order to protect yourself against the mass of exposure you face on a day to day basis, you will need coverage tailored to your professional requirements. 

Our bespoke policies are designed to protect your medical sector. We have taken into consideration all the claims Anaesthetists face from their patients, and have created a special policy to fight each negligence claim made against you.

Our insurance cover includes, but is not limited to:

  • Absolutely No Gaps in Insurance Coverage
  • Limits of Indemnity Up to £10 million (or currency equivalent)
  • Global Coverage Including the USA
  • Extending Reporting Period
  • Public Liability
  • Loss of Documentation
  • Libel and Slander
  • Breach of Confidentiality
  • Deformation of Character

Indemnity that goes the extra step

We cannot stress how important adequate and appropriate coverage can help protect you and other specialist medical sectors. Dealing directly with your patient and their immediate health issues can be an emotionally and physically draining job. Do not leave your coverage down to chance – Your clients deserve the best quality care and so do you.