Lloyds of London Merges Board and New Council

Following their announcements in November 2019 and their April elections, Lloyds of London have announced they have taken steps to create a new “governing body and management” table for the Lloyds' London Markets.

Lloyds' original board and council have now merged with new members to better represent the different stakeholders of the Lloyds' market.

Initially after announcing the proposed changes to the council, Lloyds' received support from a large number of organisations and have since followed up with internal elections for the new council’s board members.


Who are the new Lloyds' council members?

Effective June 1st 2020, the new members of Lloyds' council are as follows:

  • Bruce Carnegie-Brown (Chairman)
  • Andy Haste (Senior Independent Deputy Chairman)
  • Angela Crawford-Ingie (audit Committee Chair)
  • Fiano Luck
  • Neil Maidment (Risk Committee Chair)
  • John Sununu
  • John Neal
  • Burkhard Keese
  • Andrew Brooks
  • Dominic Christian
  • Axis Corporate Capital UK Limited represented by Albert Benchimol
  • Flectat Limited represented by Michael Watson
  • Namaeco (No.1249) Limited represented by Jeffery Barratt


April Elections - Effected by COVID19 

Originally Lloyds' were planning on holding “a full contested election process” in April 2020. 

However due to the UK’s lockdown restrictions this was unable to happen and Lloyds' made alternative decisions on how the election process was to be managed.

This alternative decision was to roll over existing members of the Council, retaining Karen Green and Dominick Hoare as ‘Special Advisors’.

Lloyds of London plan on holding full elections during a more reasonable and safer time before 2020 comes to an end.


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