Medical Technology Insurance

Medical Technology – An Evolving Medical Industry

As the healthcare sector rapidly innovates and embraces technology, our reliance on Medical Technology is at an all-time high – from basic software to medical screening and automated operating theatres.

As a specialist medical and healthcare liability Lloyd’s Broker, we have seen the Med-Tech space innovate from technology driven operating theatres carrying out open-heart surgery, to medical ‘Apps’ which identify medical symptoms. 

As the sector and opportunities in Med-Tech are boundless – the risks for when things go wrong can also be boundless. To keep pace with the rapid speed of innovation in the medical sector, Servca actively work with global technology companies, developers and international research institutes, whilst sharing our knowledge and understanding at a number of events to improve our well-being and assist in the innovation of medical establishments in the emerging markets. 

We offer global risk management advice and solutions to new and existing technology companies, ranging from:

  • Cyber Security
  • Loss of Data / Malfunction
  • First and Third Party Losses
  • Professional Liability
  • Bodily Harm

As a pioneer in Medical Technology insurance, we work with technology companies and investors under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements in an advisory capacity to assist navigating through healthcare regulatory issues and risk transfer from the developers to the insurers to ensure the business model is risk-free to developers and investors alike.