Locum Medical Insurance (Practices)

Do Locums need Medical Indemnity?

Locum Medical Indemnity Insurance simply depends on who you are working for. For example: If you are working as a locum for an NHS trust, indemnity should be provided under the Crown Indemnity Scheme.

NHS and Private Work - Where to get your insurance

However, if you are working as a Locum for a private hospital or healthcare clinic, you will need to arrange appropriate insurance coverage for any work you do for that specific organisation, even if it is arranged through a recruitment agency.

This is sometimes purchased from traditional Medical Defence organisations at a significant cost, with very narrow coverage (such as no out of hours coverage for example).

At Servca, we specialise in creating bespoke insurance solutions for healthcare professionals to ensure you are fully protected, complete with employment, regulatory cover. 

Types of Locum Medicals we Indemnify

Types of Locum Medicals we Indemnify

Locum indemnity is insurance policy designed to cover your locum work and protect you in the event of a medical negligence claim, regulatory compliant or employment/contract dispute.

We create bespoke contracted defence insurance designed to cover you for Private Practice, Locum and Out of Hours Work including Medico Legal & Administrative cover – Offering you complete peace of mind with a single monthly premium.

Whilst our polices are tailored to fit your professional requirements, our Locum Indemnity policy can include:

  • Indemnity up to £50m for individuals and Whole Practices.
  • Global coverage (including USA).
  • Employment T&Cs of Service.
  • Advice on Employment grievance procedures.
  • Employment advice and representation in any employer disciplinary and capability process.
  • GMC Hearings.
  • Tribunal support.
  • Professional Disciplinary Defence.
  • Defence against patient complaints.
  • Representation for trainees in ARCP appeals.
  • Legal Advice & Representative with ServCare Medical Union.
  • Run Off & Extended Reporting Periods for up to 20 years.
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