A Note From Our MD

Dr Edwin Rajadurai

Having graduated in Medicine with an MBBS degree in 2011, like most other newly qualified doctors, I felt an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. If the truth be told, accomplishment was also complemented by relief, but I was ecstatic all the same.

After six years of studying, suffering exam anxiety and being completely socially withdrawn – it was all over. Or at least, I thought I was…

In my experience, I have found that becoming a doctor stems from two main influences:

  1. A strong underlying need to care for people.
  2. Focused cognitive family encouragement.

For me, the latter of the two was true.

Upon graduating from Medicine, I conducted various clinical attachments both in hospitals and medical clinics (GP centres) to gain experience. I met many wonderful people and made great friends, but it was during this time that I started experiencing a new feeling – unhappiness.

For many people, unhappiness means different things but at that point in my life, I knew something wasn’t right.

I decided in 2013 that I want to utilise my medical and technical knowledge in a broader setting and travel the world, rather than confined to a GP clinic. In early 2014, I was approached by the founder partner of Servca, Nomaan Jamal to establish a medical indemnity division within the company. This role was specifically designed to assist healthcare professionals and corporate health providers in the risks that they carry and how these risks can be insured.  Nomaan explained that my previous knowledge and experience would be invaluable in the medical indemnity sector and I eagerly joined the team with a renewed vitality and enthusiasm.

As the Head of Healthcare, I was responsible for providing doctors, dentists, medical professionals, hospitals and clinics with indemnity, consultancy and risk management solutions. Being an accredited specialist ‘Broker at Lloyd’s’, allowed us to access specialist insurance syndicates and underwriters, a privilege not afforded to most other brokers. This opened up my mind to the methodology behind underwriting and applying technical insurance knowledge to my medicine background.

As I worked my way through the ranks and gained respect from our underwriting partners and insurance syndicates, I found a new sense of fulfilment. Although I may not be helping patients directly, I help in improving industry practice and standard of care by enabling healthcare professions and corporate entities (from established to start-ups) with the knowledge and guidance necessary to offer care and treatment to patients.

Over the years, I have helped hundreds of doctors, medical start-ups and healthcare entities. Reasons often varied from that they were declined cover elsewhere, undergoing PLDP & GMC hearings to seeking bespoke and specialised policies that are tailored to the requirements of healthcare entities and medical associations.  Whilst sometimes they just wanted a friendly, independent chat in what they should do – stay with the MDOs or move to private insurers.    

In January 2017, I became Managing Director of Servca and I live a life of fulfilment, in the knowledge that I assist my colleagues with their indemnity solutions. In my quest of serving our partners and colleagues, I have identified several vulnerabilities that they come across, ranging from clinic cover for their practices, cyber cover for their data or even car and home insurance - I can always offer guidance and peace of mind. 

Today, Servca proudly offer our medical indemnity solutions worldwide, with a footprint spanning UK, Ireland, Eastern Europe, Latin America and North America, with our dedicated USA offering launching in 2019. We have the pleasure of representing various medical establishments and associations globally, all of whom are committed to excellence and raising industry standards.  

If you would like to learn how Servca can add value to you or your organisation, please feel free to contact me in confidence on erajadurai@servca.com

Yours faithfully,

Dr Edwin Rajadurai's photo

Dr Edwin Rajadurai (MBBS)

Managing Director, Servca Group
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